Welcome to OR-Lounge

ORLounge is a community site for operating rooms. Doctors and nurses in an operating room can create their own private Lounge sites, work together and share their professional activities.

Join ORLounge to create a private operating room community site for your own operating room

What you can do in you own operating room Lounge site

Members can share experiences, post OR notices and documents, make announcements, create personal working documents, make friends, discuss, collaborate, learn, look for products and services and communicate with others in real time. An Operating Room Lounge site is a management and productivity tool, and a real-time messaging site.

Each site has the tools you need in one place

Staff directory, on-call schedule, checklist, OR notices and Manuals, Preference list, Postoperative care, in-service... and more.

How the site will benefit you and your OR

You will improve your personal productivity, increase operating room efficiency and patient safety, upgrade your skills, make friends, enhance your personal and professional life, and ...much more.

Join Your Lounge Site.


ORLOUNGE is for people who work in the operating room. Only those who are eligible should join. We follow a strict verification procedure.

Cannot find your Hospital? Send us mail to notification@orlounge.com
Cannot find your Hospital? Send us mail to notification@orlounge.com

Manage each site yourself

Each site is administered locally, under the
full control of each OR Manager,
who manages the members and contents and is responsible
for its own security and privacy.

Working as a team

Everyone is literally on the same (web) page.
OR Managers, doctors and nurses can actually work together.

Hosted on the cloud

No network to administer or software to maintain. No hustle. No fees!